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Sherwood Park is a large hamlet in Alberta, Canada, located within Strathcona County called an urban service area. It is located just near Edmonton city. This beautiful place was established in 1955 on farmland east of Edmonton. Having a population of about 70,620 in 2016, Sherwood was considered the 7th largest city in Canada.

This place’s economy is quite strong; the value of the properties in this region worth $9 billion. Some of the major construction projects are completed, some are in progress, and some are announced. It is the home to Canada’s largest hydrocarbon refining centre.

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Sherwood Park is the largest hamlet globally, and if you are planning to move or settle in this hamlet, start your new business, please contact our licensed mortgage broker or fill out our secure online mortgage application. Choosing a mortgage broker near Sherwood Park ensures you that all your mortgage requirements are fulfilled. Starting from consulting with various lenders and banks to comparing incentives and rates, Ron Richards mortgage broker will always assist the clients with any mortgage queries. The brokers have several years of experience and knowledge in this industry, and they understand that not all mortgage needs are equal. The team brings out various types of mortgage services that include reverse mortgage, construction and debt consolidation mortgage, spousal buyouts, private mortgage and renewals, mortgage pre-approvals, refinances and lots of similar mortgage to select. Hence, the brokers can able to provide a customized solution for each client individually.

If you’re looking for a approved or pre-approved mortgage for your new home in Sherwood Park or you already live there, You should call our licensed broker and choose our Sherwood mortgage services! We offer the best interest rates(better than the bank). Call 403-801-3338 or book an appointment for free!

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