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People often ask me, “should you deal with the bank?” Absolutely.
Let me do the negotiating for you free of charge and save you tons of money from fees and other miscellaneous rates people don’t know about! The main reason between a bank and myself is that the bank only has access to generalized rates. Whereas I have access to 15+ lenders where I can help find the perfect rate for your current financial situation.

As part of my service I will deal directly with the lenders on your behalf and will find you the best possible financial product at the lowest possible interest rates currently available. I have access to a vast array of mortgage options. In fact, we shop our rates and products everywhere from all the major lending institutions such as the chartered banks, trust companies and financial corporations right down to the credit unions and many private Canadian lenders.

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TermsThe BankOur Rate
1 Year3.14%1.84%
2 Year3.19%1.54%
3 Year3.49%1.59%
4 Year3.74%1.79%
5 Year4.59%1.89%
7 Year5.35%2.44%
10 Year5.60%2.89%

The prime rate is 2.45%

Uninsured Mortgages/Refinances:

5 Year Fixed: 2.04%

5 Year Variable: 1.55%


5 Year Fixed: 2.29%


Rates are subject to change without notice as the industry fluctuates.

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